Thursday, June 3, 2010

My strawberries

Who stole them?

Last week we had three luscious strawberries waiting to be harvested. So when I headed out to pick them off of our new plant, I was surprised to find all of the ripened berries GONE.
Of course I then began to snoop....

Was it one of the many birds in our backyard?

Or maybe the squirrels?

Or perhaps it was one of these little guys...

Or worst of all, was it our neighbor's grey cat Nugget??

After some serious stealthiness on my part, I have decided that chipmunks are the likely culprit. You see, I discovered a little bit of leftover strawberry (Maggie ate it before I could snap a photo) near a hole in the ground right near our fence. And that is what led me to my conclusion. (and my guess is Nugget was in the yard to go after the chipmunks) So I covered up their sneaky little hole with rocks. That'll show 'em. Ha!

Matt went out after the incident and bought some chicken wire for the strawberry plant...there have been no new buds so I guess we'll just have to wait and hope it keeps the varmints outta our garden. (and hope that the other fruits and veggies are safe....)

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