Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Garden Update

Not too long ago we pulled these two pretty looking squash off our plants in the garden:
I was excited about the possibilities of squash like this all summer long...I started looking at recipes and thinking about good seasonings, and then.... I went out to the garden one day to find not one but TWO of our squash plants like this:
I immediately began investigating the plant. I noticed the stems looked rotten and mushy, like this one:
And from there I learned that we had been hit by the infamous (but not to me since this is my very first garden and I don't know anything about pests) Squash Vine Borers. They are a nasty little bug and once they enter your plant, it's doomed. There was nothing we could do but pull up all of our squash plants. So I did. And now our garden looks quite empty.

But the good news is that we can replant at the beginning of July...after the borers are done laying eggs. And apparently butternut squash is somewhat resistant to them, maybe we'll try some of that.

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