Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ten Months

I seriously can't believe you are 10 months old. Where does time go? That's only 2 months shy of 1 year!! Woah! As you can see from the picture above you are still cute as a button with the best locks of any 10 month old I've ever seen. I believe you've crossed the 17 lb mark and based on your clothes your legs are getting longer by the minute! 

Over the past month you finally mastered the wave in addition to clapping and "saying cheese" with the cutest wide/toothy grin and closed eyes. You are still not super interested in crawling though you are definitely mastering the backwards scoot on your tummy. We are working on strong legs right now to see if you begin to gain any interest in pulling up or standing on those strong legs. You love to eat what we are eating (yay you!) and are still experimenting with food all the time. Your favorites currently are black beans with cheese, yogurt, halo oranges, and most any kind of bread! You still love to talk and all the time I swear you say words--things like dada, da (for dog), and the newest is uh oh. Either way, you are definitely a chatty little bug. You've officially moved into your 9 month clothes and I'm hastily trying to get you to wear all of the winter ones before the weather changes! 

I have been so thankful for you over this past month as we faced all sorts of challenges in our little family. Right after you were baptized and Mimi and Doc went back to Virginia, we found out that Grandpa Doc was having heart problems. The Saturday after they left you and I loaded up the car around 3:00pm and drove all night until we arrived back in Virginia. You were awesome with mom in the car by herself. Doc ended up needing bypass surgery so we spent the week with Mimi. While it was no fun to be in the hospital all the time, we did enjoy lots of extra fun with Mimi, Doc, Aunt Mary Beth, Ava, and Uncle Caleb. We will take any extra time we get with them and consider it a real gift. Doc had his surgery on Thursday and we headed back to AL on Friday. It was hard to leave but good to know he is feeling much better and recovering very well. You were SO good while we were out of our normal routine. You just rolled with the punches and kept your smiley happy demeanor. Thank you for being you! 

We had a few semi-normal weeks before I came down with some nasty sickness. I spent a week in bed quarantined from you and dad because I had the flu and mycroplasma both of which are very contagious. Thankfully, neither of you caught what I had but it was NOT a fun week for me. 

By the time you turned 10 months everyone was healthy and feeling much better! We are looking forward to a fresh start in March (and hopefully lots more warm weather for outside fun)! We love you more and more with each passing day. 

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