Monday, April 6, 2015

37 Weeks

We went back to the doctor for round 2 of weekly check ups. Everything is still looking good! I'm measuring just right and baby's heartbeat is sounding great. In terms of progress, we got just about the same report as we did last week--still a ways to go. BUT I am now officially considered full term and they won't stop labor when it begins. 

In other news, as Holy Week approaches I decided I better try on my fitted robe to see if it would still fit. And, alas, as you can see above, it "fits" in that I can zip it up over my belly but oh my gosh the pockets were pulling back really far and it was incredibly uncomfortable. Looks like I'll be switching to the "Harry Potter" robe for Maundy Thursday and Easter! :) 

Lenny has also taken a liking to the bump lately....

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