Monday, December 1, 2014

16 Weeks

We had our 3rd visit to the doctor this week. All looks good! Baby's heart is beating at 152 bpm. And we scheduled our next big doctor's appointment--which is when we will find out if it's a boy or girl!

Thought I'd just go ahead and answer a few common questions:

1. How are you feeling?
Much better now that the 1st trimester wooziness is gone. Feeling much more like myself (except for the whole growing out of my clothes business).

2. Will you find out the gender?
Yes! See above. I've not had any inclination whatsoever as to boy or girl so I'm anxiously awaiting the 20 week ultrasound. Matt thinks girl. I'll keep you posted.

3. What hospital are you using?
St. Vincent's. They've been so good to us throughout the past year with all of Matt's pancreas trouble--how could we not go back?

4. Are you still exercising?
Yep. I'm still following my usual routine of Zumba, Body Pump, Body Flow, Body Step, Yoga, running/walking--all with modifications when needed! But still feeling good!

We have a few pieces for the nursery headed our way in the next week or two so we have begun the great clean out of the office. We can't wait to begin to piece together the baby's room!

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