Friday, January 17, 2014

Meet Lennon

Since 2013 our little family has grown by one! 
Meet our newest family member, Lennon. 

She was born on June 30 and this is one of the very first pictures we have of her at about three weeks old. 

Here she is on the car ride home on August 11. We brought her home with us at a mere six weeks old. She's so tiny! 

 We've loved watching her play hard and then crash.

She even had the chance to ear her own sno-cone this summer at the park.

Maggie is learning to love her new little sister. She particularly likes Lennon when she is sleepy and not trying to steal her toys. 

 Although she's gained a few more months since this picture, this gives you a better sense of what she looks like now! 

We have loved raising a puppy of our own and being a family of two dogs! It's hard to believe how quickly she has grown and how quickly she has become such an integral part of our little family! 

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