Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Revs.

I have been in the process for several months now of pursuing ordination through the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. For us, that means going through a local church congregation. After many months of conversation and after meeting with my ordination council last week, I have been approved for ordination on March 11 at Wilshire Baptist Church!

This is an exciting step in my ministry career as it offers affirmation of my call from the community of faith that helped me to begin this journey.

Here are some answers to the FAQ about my ordination:

1. Does this mean you are leaving First Church?
No. Other than being a Rev. and being able to wear stoles, this won't change a whole lot about the ministry position I am in currently.

2. Why CBF and not the Methodists?
Because CBF is my denominational home and is where I plan to serve in the future.

3. Why now?
I put off ordination after graduating from seminary because I wasn't really sure I wanted to work in the local church. In order to be true to what I believe ordination means, I decided to wait until I was more certain of my call. My work at First Church has affirmed my desire to serve in and through the local church.

4. So you and Matt will both be Revs?
You better believe it!


  1. From here on I am addressing all letters to you and Matt simply as, "The Reverends." Congrats!