Friday, June 3, 2011

Garden Update

Last weekend, we also spent several hours working in the garden. I let the weeds grow out of control so it was time to put a stop to that.

We also did some research (should have done the prior to planting?) and realized we needed to separate our leeks and onions so Matt took on that job.

After a brief scare in which I thought we'd lost our garden for the year because of extreme heat early in the season, I'd say things are looking pretty good! We've had several strawberries, tasty spinach, and are currently waiting on some baby squash and okra to grow (side note: our spaghetti squash given to us as a seedling is growing out of control, as in it might grow out of our "garden box"!).

Having a home garden is a heck of a lot of work but so rewarding and fun when things go well. I recommend everyone give it a shot. There is nothing like getting your hands in the dirt and growing your own food.

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