Tuesday, July 13, 2010

And again...

We've had another destructive pest hit our "crops." I mean, why didn't someone warn me about all these crazy bugs and their nastiness.

Anyway, we picked all of our peaches and let them sit on the kitchen counter a few days before I finally decided to cut into one and see if they were ready. To be fair, we knew that most of them had little black dots, which we assumed meant something had attacked. But, of course, we didn't think it would ruin ALL of them.

So I cut one. And I found a maggot. I cut another one thinking maybe it was a fluke. I found a maggot. I cut a third. And, yep, you better believe I found another maggot inside. It appears we've been swindled again by the bugs. And these were particularly disgusting. Don't worry, I didn't take a picture, I'll spare you. But that's the end of our wonderful peach crop for now. Guess we'll need to do some spraying next year....

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